Why this FAQ?

The Ethical Maldives  (EM) FAQ provides answers to the questions we’ve been asked the most.

Why visit ethicalmaldives.com?

The ethicalmaldives.com website is intended to provide information to heelp visitors concerned with withdrawing support for  human rights abuses, corruption and other ethical issues to make an informed choice when visiting the Madives.

How many resorts are there in the Maldives, and will this advisory have an adverse impact on the economy?

There are over 100 resorts and several hotels and safari boats which provide accommodation for visitors.

The number of resorts and businesses listed red (‘Do Not Visit’)  in the ethicalmaldives.com website is very small, therefore avoidance of these resorts and businesses will not adversely affect the Maldivian economy.

Is this actually a boycott of the Maldives?


Even though the EM website  only recommends avoiding a small number of resorts and businesses, which have negligible impact on the Maldivian economy, at present we do not intend to call for a boycott campaign on visiting the Maldives.

There is, however, a local boycott in the Maldives of businesses linked to those involved in the current regime and accompanying police brutality. Details of these can be seen in the News section of EM website when available.

Why the recent unrest and instability?

Seizure of assets, sudden claim for US$100 million in back taxes and other politically motivated victimisation of business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim of Villa Group, a former member of the ruling coalition.

Arrest and trial of Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim (subsequently removed from office),  on charges widely regarded as trumped up and politically motivated. Nazim, an experienced soldier, is accused of trying to seize power and harm senior officials with a pistol and three bullets.

Use of gangs of youth by the Government and Police to intimidate peaceful protesters.

Sentencing of former President Mohamed Nasheed on the 13th February 2015 on terrorism charges and sentenced to 13 years in jail, in a rushed and politically motivated trial. The trial, which Amnesty International branded a travesty of justice, has resulted in widespread condemnation from his supporters and former opponents in the Maldives along with criticism from the International community. The trial was widely regarded as flawed from start to finish and the conviction unsound and has created widespread protests and calls for civil disobedience.


How does the current instability in the Maldives affect you?

If you have any concern for the ethical issues that effect the places you visit on holiday, this website will help you make an informed choice of where to enjoy your holiday with a clear conscience.

You can safely visit the Maldives as resorts and the airport are separate from the population and the capital.

However, there are demonstrations every day. Although the demonstrations occur mainly in the capital Malé and other islands, you could face industrial action, strikes and other form of protests from the staff working in resorts owned by business interests that support the current regime. These resorts and businesses are listed (in red) as those to avoid in the EM website.

How does the ethicalmaldives.com list work?


All the resorts and some businesses in the Maldives are listed on the ethicalmaldives.com website. They have been classified according to a system of three colours:

Green: These resorts and businesses are safe to visit, and EM urges you to use these on your holiday.

Amber: These resorts and businesses are under consideration for listing in the ethicalmaldives.com website. While okay to visit in the short term there is a possibility they will be on the “to avoid” list in the longer term. Therefore, early reservations for visits later in the year should be avoided.

Red: These resorts and businesses should be avoided altogether. Industrial action is most likely on these properties.

How can you help?

Help yourself and the people of the Maldives by avoiding resorts and services linked to people who continue to support unethical practices.

Be compassionate: Do not let your pleasurable holiday contribute to others’ suffering (at no cost to you).

Stay informed: As we hear of possible industrial action or strikes, we will inform you. We will also add businesses to the “avoid” list as we receive further information.

Check our website regularly.

Will the ethicalmaldives.com website change with time?

Of course! And so will this FAQ.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will update the ethicalmaldives.com website and FAQ when we receive any new information.

Visit regularly, and the ethicalmaldives.com website will keep you informed.

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